For our regular customers we a lot of eBusiness and eCommerce possibilities

Are you interested in...
... an electronic order interface (EDI)?
... a regular provision of our product data - including product images and PDF data sheets?
... another eCommerce topic, such as real-time querying of price and availability, electronic invoicing or drop shipping with your own delivery note layout?

Below are our current eBusiness opportunities:

eCommerce SAP OCI interface

You want to connect our eShop to your eProcurement system via SAP OCI interface (Open Catalog Interface)? -> Just contact us ...

eCommerce order connection

You wish a complete electronic order connection, with electronic order, electronic order confirmation, electronic delivery note and electronic invoice? -> Please contact us ...

Supported transfer protocols and data formats

  • (s)FTP: CSV, Flatfile and other inhouse data formats
  • http(s): XML dialects (for example openTRANS, ebXML, xCBL)
  • SMTP (E-mail): EDIfact
  • EDIINT AS2: IDoc / IDoc XML (SAP)
  • X.400 -VANS (Telebox, GXS, IBM etc.): EANCOM, EDITEC, etc.


You wish to have a regular provision of our prices and availabilities or our complete product data - free of charge and directly for import into your ERP system, your PIM system, your eShop? -> Just fill out the Excel form SecompUK_eCatalogue_Datasheet.xlsx and send it back to us or contact us ...

Transfer protocols

  • FTP - Provided in your own company account on our FTP server or on your own FTP server.
  • E-mail - Delivered as an E-mail attachment to your desired E-mail address.

Data formats

  • XML - As an zipped / not zipped BMEcat (Version 1.2).
  • CSV - As an zipped / not zipped CSV file. *
  • TXT - As an zipped / not zipped TXT file. *

Product classifications

  • eCl@ss 5.1
  • eCl@ss 6.1
  • eCl@ss 7.1
  • eCl@ss 8.0
  • UNSPSC 12.0901

* Possible separator: Semicolon, Tabulator, Pipe sign

Realtime Price- and Availability request

You want to retrieve the prices and / or availabilities of our products anytime and directly via web service as https-GET or https-POST? -> Use our free web service! Please contact us ...

Drop shipping / Delivery notes in your own layout

You would like to do Drop Shipping with us directly to your end customers? With delivery notes in your own company layout or as completely neutral delivery notes? -> No problem! Please contact us ...

Invoice in PDF format

You no longer wish to receive your invoices in paper form, but in PDF format as an E-mail attachment to a central E-mail address? -> Just tell us your central E-mail address for future invoice receipt ...