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Webinar: The LCD console for you

(14.00 – 14.30 CEST)

Discover all there is to know on LCD consoles and find the right console for your needs. A wide variety of products will be introduced and different benefits will be highlighted.


Webinar: Find you Multiview Desktop

(14.00 – 14.30 CEST)

Multiview desktops are fundamental in maximizing efficiency. Choosing the Multiview Desktop that fit your needs can be tricky, however. ATEN introduces complete solutions and makes it easy for you.

The products of the ATEN brand have a high safety standard and are therefore often used in the areas of broadcasting and media, education, transport as well as government institutions or other comparable companies and institutions. ATEN specializes in connectivity and management solutions. These include KVM switches, remote maintenance solutions, image transfer products, USB peripherals and data communications products.

For freelancers, sole proprietors, small and medium businesses, ATEN's product portfolio provides solutions in the areas of cable KVM systems, desktop KVM systems and LCD KVM systems. With the new generation of KVM over IP switches, large enterprises can efficiently manage their entire IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

The range of professional A/V solutions includes integrated image transfer systems for home and professional use, for business, education, medical, retail and home theater applications.

The Green Energy product line, launched by ATEN years ago, includes energy-saving solutions in data centers with intelligent power management units. These PDUs incorporate power efficiency indicators and allow power to be managed in real time, both locally and remotely. The Green Energy product line includes a variety of KVM products, video and audio hardware products, various Energy Intelligence Rack PDU products and USB adapter accessories for data communication.

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