D-LINK - wireless, switching, video surveillance

The brand D-LINK stands for 30 years for high-quality network and monitoring technology as well as tailor-made complete solutions.

The product portfolio of D-LINK not only offers technical solutions, but also provides practical innovations over and over again. It offers products and solutions from a single source: wireless, switching and video surveillance. Starting with the simple WLAN router up to complex network accessories, the D-LINK offers just about everything.

D-LINK products are suitable for both private and professional use in industry and commerce.

D-LINK Wireless Solutions (Stand Alone, Unified and Cloud)

In the wireless sector, D-LINK products provide small and medium businesses with unified wireless network solutions for productive work environments at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Here are offered for the various application scenarios excellent added value. D-LINK professional wireless networks are scalable, easy to set up and easy to manage. The D-LINK unified wireless solutions provide stability throughout the WLAN through a self-healing network and AP load balancing.

Advantages of D-LINK wireless solutions:

  • Various options.
  • Seamless and uninterrupted roaming.
  • Easy installation and management.
  • Robust security.

D-LINK switches

In the area of switches, the D-LINK brand offers a comprehensive range with different port numbers, features and connectivity as well as expansion options. These are the foundations for a variety of high-quality network solutions, suitable for both small and medium sized businesses, hospitals, schools, universities and government agencies.

The cost-efficient D-LINK switches meet the ever-increasing demands for capacity and speed and form the basis for secure and reliable corporate networks. This includes creating the necessary security to manage an end-to-end wireless infrastructure as well as the protection needed to store sensitive data.

Advantages of D-LINK switches at a glance:

  • Problem-free voice and video support.
  • All bandwidth coverage: Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gb.
  • Flexible connectivity including mixed copper and fiber networks.
  • Consistent management and control of access via wireless or wired devices for increased security and lower costs.
  • Guaranteed interoperability to reduce operating costs.
  • Integrated and stable security ensures reduced risks and lower costs.
  • Scalable solutions: either modular use or stacking.

D-LINK video surveillance solutions

The D-LINK brand stands for holistic monitoring solutions! From cameras and switches to Wi-Fi, storage and software - D-LINK's product range offers everything for a complete and professional security solution.

Power over Ethernet makes video surveillance setup easier, safer and more cost-effective. Most Business-class D-Link cameras support single-cable installation thanks to PoE technology. In addition, a combination with a D-LINK Smart PoE Switch allows for remote control and control of the power.

D-LINK's Smart Switches feature automatic IP camera detection, creating a virtual LAN and prioritizing traffic - this is referred to as the exclusive Auto Surveillance VLAN technology.

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