DAHUA TECHNOLOGY is one of the leading manufacturers in the video surveillance industry. Consistent further developments serve a wide range of customer groups with different security needs. The product range includes models from the Lite, Pro and Ultra series - solutions with increasing performance features for an increasing safety level.

DAHUA TECHNOLOGY is a leading product and solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. In 2015, DAHUA TECHNOLOGY was ranked the fifth largest provider by a & s Security 50, which evaluates the players in the global security industry in terms of their overall sales of safety equipment.

Since 2010, DAHUA TECHNOLOGY has been investing more than 10 percent of its annual turnover in R & D and today it employs more than 5,000 R & D engineers. It is constantly developing innovative technologies for lenses, image sensors, video encoding and transmission, embedded processors, graphics processing, video analytics, and software and network security technology reliability. To ensure that customers enjoy the latest and best technologies, they work with leading companies in their respective fields. Numerous DAHUA TECHNOLOGY products have been recognized and awarded by professional associations and professional organizations in the security industry.

In order to satisfy customer requirements of different security levels and project sizes, DAHUA TECHNOLOGY has an extensive product range. It ranges from Lite to Pro to Ultra series. Thus, the needs of private individuals, small, medium and large enterprises are served as well as the requirements of high-security locations. Therefore, many international brands rely on the design and manufacturing quality of DAHUA TECHNOLOGY products, making the brand a leader in OEM and ODM services around the world. More than 20 local branches outside China also confirm this.

DAHUA TECHNOLOGY products are widely used in retail stores, schools, hotels, banks, hospitals, office buildings, highways, toll stations, and urban traffic control. Many major projects have been realized with solutions from DAHUA TECHNOLOGY, such as: The Lulu Mall in Oman, a luxury hotel in Italy, the fleet of the Peruvian airline LAN, the APEC in China as well as Safe-City in Brazil and many more.

The product categories include Modern Video Surveillance Systems, Traffic Telematics, Intelligent Building Systems, Access Control, Video Intercom Systems, Alarm Systems, Intelligent Locks.



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Note: Because of the logo, DAHUA products on other websites are often mislisted or searched under the name "alhua" or "Alhua". The correct brand name is DAHUA TECHNOLOGY.