Smart buildings - Revolutionarily simple, wireless and secure. And flexible at all times.

The intelligent and simple technology from frogblue offers everything a smart home should be able to do. Frogblue controls energy-efficient lighting, shading, heating, access or the alarm system. The solution works with so-called frogs, which are located, for example, behind the light switch/button. (They can also be installed in the suspended ceiling, lamp outlet, distribution box or roller shutter box) You do not need to be connected to the Internet, communication is via the future-proof and energy-saving Bluetooth®-LE (Low Energy) standard. They are installed in the flush-mounted box, among other things, and a 230 V power connection is sufficient for operation. The system is resistant to interference. Additional security is provided by the double encryption and the time stamp to the second, which is included in every message sent to the frogblue system.

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