GUDE - Innovative devices for the IT area

The company GUDE has been producing innovative devices for the IT sector for more than 25 years.

The products of the GUDE brand enable the optimization and expansion of IT infrastructures that typically occur in technical or server rooms. The areas of application range from the home office via company networks to data centers and industrial environments.

The product portfolio includes power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring systems, radio clock systems and interface isolators.

GUDE is characterized by high quality and an attractive price-performance ratio of the products. In order to meet the quality requirements that customers place on reliable IT infrastructure products, GUDE develops and produces all devices in Germany.

Flexible operating options and economical operation round off the convincing appearance.

The expertise developed by GUDE over many years flows into further developments, new products and customer-specific adaptations.

GUDE IP socket strips

EPC NET power strips enable the switching on and off of connected electrical devices via the TCP / IP network. Via its own IP address (fixed or assigned via DHCP) it can be switched from all computers of the same network via a web browser. Each can can be switched individually and password protected individually.

  • EPC NET.
  • Single sockets in Schuko or IEC version with sensor input.

EPC 3x Schuko, GSM, Watchdog

  • 3-fold switched PDU with integrated current measurement for GSM and TCP / IP networks.
  • Three load outputs (max 16 A) separately via GSM, a web interface, via SNMP or via a button on the device switchable.
  • LED traffic light for total power display.


  • Power ports via web interface / SNMP or via buttons on the device switchable.
  • Protocols: http, DHCP, SNMP (v1, v2c, traps), syslog.
  • Watchdog function (watchdog ICMP or TCP, pings adjustable).
  • Current measurement and display via Web / SNMP and LED traffic light.
  • Connection possibility for 1 sensor (temp. Or temp. / Humidity).


  • Power ports via web interface / SNMP or via buttons on the device switchable.
  • Protocols: http, DHCP, SNMP (v1, v2c, traps), syslog.
  • Network 10 Mbit / 100 Mbit.
  • Watchdog ICMP or TCP, pings adjustable (not with Basic).
  • Current measurement (current / peak over time) and display.
  • Connection possibility for 2 sensors (currently temp and temp / humidity).
  • Switch-on delay, restore switch state after power failure, reset function.
  • Display for current, sensor values, IP address.


  • 8 power ports can be switched individually via voice call, SMS and data call.
  • Switchable via GSM, web interface and SNMP in the network (also possible via internet).
  • Status inquiry / status changes via voice call, SMS and Datacall.
  • Admin and user accesses can be defined for all ports.
  • Various security levels possible.
  • Triband net, optional quadband.
  • Fastcall possible (selectable action when calling from a specific number).
  • 19 '' device for server cabinets (1U).
  • Manual switching of all power ports via push-buttons on the front of the device.
  • SNMP support including SNMP traps.
  • Syslog support.
  • Connection for optional temperature sensor.

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