High-end cables and cabling systems

As a competent developer and manufacturer of cables and cabling systems, KERPEN DATACOM GmbH today serves high-end needs in information technology and in industrial markets.

LAN office, LAN industry, LAN home, city networks and access with the common denominator Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) are converging and changing the communication landscape. For this purpose, KERPEN DATACOM GmbH offers investment-proof passive IT solutions in copper and fiber optic technology.

KERPEN DATACOM copper data cables and system technology are used to create high-performance systems for structured building cabling. Where broadband data transmission and long transmission lengths in the LAN and city networks are in demand, KERPEN DATACOM optical fiber cables with improved Gigabit Ethernet quality are a good choice.

For the industry and the international project business in plant construction, KERPEN DATACOM offers high-quality cables for measuring and control technology with its product range. In doing so, national and international standards as well as factory specifications are fully met and developed and manufactured in design and design according to the specific wishes of end customers.

The development and production of compounds for the cable and plastics processing industry round off the broad product portfolio of KERPEN DATACOM.

Prepared for the future...

Increasing traffic and ever-increasing customer demands on the Internet are driving unprecedented growth in data center infrastructure. The required high transmission rates not only demand high-quality cables, but there are also growing demands on the connection components.

KERPEN DATACOM face up to this growing challenge with the following competences:

  • Cable design and manufacturing of high-speed data cables with individually shielded parallel pairs for applications up to 25 Gigabit data transmission.
  • PCB design for high speed applications such as SFP +, QSFP +, CXP and custom solutions.
  • Automatic programming of digital components such as EEPROMS or microcontrollers.
  • PCB design for high-speed active applications for transmission over longer cable lengths.
  • Automated connection with regard to the connection and soldering of PCBs and cables on the basis of self-developed and optimized automatic machines. These are constantly evolving to improve SI performance in next-generation products.
  • Backshell design for standard applications such as SFP +, QSFP +, CXP and customized solutions.

In order to meet the ever-increasing market demands in the future, KERPEN DATACOM GmbH works closely with technology leaders and user organizations.

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