Solutions for security, infrastructure, energy and server rooms

For over 30 years, LINKSYS products have been developed to make life easier and more enjoyable for people.

From Wi-Fi and consumer electronics devices to mobile accessories, power management devices and a wide selection of cables, the LINKSYS brand offers products that bring technologies into contact with people who are important to us and who we need for our favorite activities.

The diverse product mix of the LINKSYS brand includes security, infrastructure, energy and server room solutions.

LINKSYS Access Points

All LINKSYS Business Access Points are equipped with a highly efficient power amplifier to extend the WLAN range. Most also offer dual-image firmware support. This allows administrators to perform software updates without switching to offline mode or having to worry about network outages during the upgrade.


LINKSYS products push technology to its limits. They are at the forefront of wireless connectivity since 1988 and are a leader in innovation & development strategies, world-class performance and design. The quest for perfection drives the creation of award-winning products that enable all people at home, at work, or on the road, a networked lifestyle. Products with innovative features that allow remote control and monitoring of wireless home networks. Performance in perfection is what makes LINKSYS wireless routers unique.


The concept of LINKSYS Smart Wi-Fi allows access to a specific network anytime, anywhere. Among other things, the following possibilities are offered:

  • Prioritization of devices or websites for video streaming and online gaming.
  • Control over inappropriate or disruptive content.
  • Monitoring network activity and network speed.
  • Turn Wi-Fi access on and off for all devices connected to the network.
  • Create a separate, password-protected guest network.

In just three easy steps, you can create smart connections with LINKSYS Smart WiFi:

  1. Set up the wireless home network with a LINKSYS Smart Wireless Router. The router transmits a Wi-Fi signal to the WiFi-enabled devices - such as game consoles, televisions, mobile devices, printers, etc.
  2. Set up a LINKSYS Smart WiFi account. Setting up and registration is quick and free. The account information is kept confidential and used only to verify access to your own router settings.
  3. Individual use of the network with the LINKSYS Smart WiFi Apps. By downloading and installing the LINKSYS Smart WiFi apps on the mobile device, the functionality of the LINKSYS Smart WiFi tools can be further optimized, e.g. with enhanced child protection features, content filtering, device monitoring, router management, media prioritization, guest access setup, and more.


The LINKSYS Open WRT routers convince with a Linux based expandable operating system. 

As a user you have the possibility to configure comprehensive changes yourself.

All existing tools in the Linux world to avoid network congestion are available.

More than 3,700 software packages make it possible to configure the router very extensively and extend the original functions many times over.

LINKSYS WiFi Range Extender

LINKSYS WiFi Range Extenders provide convenient placement and setup via a mobile device for optimal performance and maximum Wi-Fi coverage.

By recognizing and then amplifying the WLAN signal of a router, LINKSYS WiFi Range Extenders can eliminate annoying dead spots.

So even in remote corners - as in the basement, in the garden, in the garage, etc. - Reception possible.

Due to the innovative Spot Finder technology, which is only used on LINKSYS WiFi Range Extenders, it does not take a long search to quickly find the perfect place for the device. 

So you can rely anywhere on a high-performance wireless connection.

How the Spot Finder technology works

Spot Finder technology is browser-based software that can be used on any mobile device.

It is automatically activated during operation as soon as the LINKSYS Range Extender Setup is started. 

To do this, plug the Range Extender into a power outlet located midway between the router and the area where dead spots occur. 

Furthermore, steps have to be taken:

  1. Call the Linksys Extender Setup from
  2. Select the network. Spot Finder technology combines the frequency bands of your network so that the selection can be made with one click.
  3. Enter the network password.
  4. Spot Finder checks the location of the range extender and informs if it is too far, too close or in the right place.

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