METZ CONNECT - The specialist in the passive network technology market

More than 40 years ago, Albert Metz founded a company for the development and production of connectors in Blumberg on the southern edge of the Black Forest between Donaueschingen and Schaffhausen. Just a few years later, Albert Metz also took over BTR, a name that still exists today as a brand and stands for high-quality products in the area of passive network technology. Just over 10 years ago, METZ CONNECT was bringing together BTR and other brands under one roof. The company is still family owned. The company is still family owned.

Passive network technology is unspectacular at first glance. Outlets for the network - and everything else that belongs to it - just have to be there where we need them. We got used to it, as to the power supply doses. But it has long since become such high-tech technology!

METZ CONNECT with its brand BTR Netcom is one of the technological market leaders in the passive network technology market. If you want to build a high-quality data infrastructure, it is wise to use the products of this company.

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