MOBOTIX - The innovative IP camera manufacturer from Germany

In addition to a professional VMS and video analysis, MOBOTIX has been operating since 2000 as an innovative manufacturer of intelligent and autonomous IP cameras.

In order to master backlit situations and improve long-term reliability, CMOS sensor technology without mechanically moving parts was used right from the start. The camera operates as a self-contained system with automatic event detection, alerting, video analysis, direct NAS ring buffer recording and other remote management features. In all cameras intercom is integrated with VoIP notification and telephone connection via the SIP standard. 

MOBOTIX cameras have been weatherproofed to IP66 to one of the highest quality standards right from the start. In 2015, a new, competitive 6 megapixel indoor camera category was introduced for flexible ceiling and wall mounting.

Intelligent IP video system concepts from MOBOTIX

Below you will find a small overview of intelligent IP video system concepts and solutions from the areas of industry and critical infrastructures, perimeter protection and prevention, retail, transportation and mobility and much more.

Solutions and Ideas

Intelligent IP Video Concepts

Infrared Product Solution

MxIRLight & MxSplit

Industry and Critical Infrastructure

Intelligent Process Monitoring

Perimeter Security and Prevention

Next Generation Perimeter Security with Reliable Alarm Management


Video Security with Integrated Business Intelligence for Retailers

Transportation and Mobility

Reliable Video Solutions Tailored for Transportation

All products of the MOBOTIX brand

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