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TRENDnet's mission is to create innovative, easy-to-use and reliable networks that customers trust (Networks People Trust ™). TRENDnet's solutions connect countless devices to help you connect and work. TRENDnet has been creating award-winning networking solutions since 1990, connecting you to what's most important to you.

Founded in Torrance, California, TRENDnet has become a leading global networking hardware brand. From the network base to its periphery, TRENDnet's broad portfolio of products includes high-performance AV switches, industrial switches / solutions, WLAN PoE solutions, surveillance cameras, NVR surveillance systems and powerline solutions.

Power Your Business Solutions

TRENDnet's products are outstanding value for money with award-winning product lines and proven reliability, outstanding product quality, comprehensive customer service, pre-sales engineering support and world-class technical support.

TRENDNET Applications Guide

Power Your Business Solutions

Save with Power over Ethernet

Save setup costs by transferring power and data over Ethernet cables to PoE devices such as IP cameras and access points. PoE delivers up to 15.4 watts of power per port; PoE + delivers up to 30 watts of power per port. The benefits of PoE include lower installation costs, faster setup, flexibility for remote installations, cost savings for unneeded electricians, network scalability, and managed controls. The extensive TRENDnet portfolio enables you to offer your customers the optimal switches for their needs. Managed switches have managed controls such as VLAN support, PoE controls, traffic analysis, and multicast support. Unmanaged switches only increase the connection density. PoE provides both power and data over Ethernet cables. PoE delivers up to 15.4 watts of power per port; PoE + delivers up to 30 watts. Gigabit switches are more scalable; 10/100 switches are more economical. Metal switches are more durable, but plastic switches are a cheaper solution. TRENDnet has an extensive switch portfolio including unmanaged switches, Web Smart, Layer 2, 10Gb, PoE / PoE +, AV and industrial switches. It depends on the customer needs which solutions you offer. Whether for the home, SOHO, in the AV segment, or for large customers, TRENDnet has the right switch. TRENDnet has the right solutions even in the industrial sector for particularly demanding and weather-prone tasks.

High performance AV switches

High-performance AV switches have a front panel LED indicator that shows the total PoE budget, remaining power, and per-port power consumption. Rear panel outputs for better cable routing and easy integration with your AVRack, strong overall PoE performance, and PoE support make everyday work easier. Complementary devices include AV equipment, video encoders and decoders, audio distribution systems, IP surveillance cameras and wireless access points. Common applications include restaurants and pubs, AV multi-room homes, TV / radio broadcasting, corporate premises and universities.

Industrial switches / solutions

Robust industrial network solutions. TRENDnet's industrial switch and fiber solutions provide reliable and hardened networking hardware for extreme environments, including extreme temperature or high dust and particulate environments. TRENDnet's industrial switch solutions offer IP30 / IP40 rated enclosures for extreme temperature variations, fiber optics for long distance networking and latency, and are ideal for use with outdoor surveillance solutions. Industrial switches are often used in conjunction with NEMA switch cabinets (control cabinets not available from TRENDnet).

WLAN PoE solutions

Wireless PoE solutions. TRENDnet offers wireless PoE solutions for outdoor and outdoor use. Expand your network in buildings with high-performance indoor PoE access points and easily connect buildings to each other with TRENDnet outdoor access points. In particular, for your customers, where various office buildings or hotel buildings are to be connected on a site, the WLAN PoE solutions from TRENDnet are ideal.

Surveillance cameras / surveillance cameras

TRENDnet's extensive IP Camera Surveillance range allows them to find the right camera for their project at any time. The Ultra and HD cameras are suitable for outdoor and / or indoor use. To the cameras you get a management software with numerous functions which can be upgraded by upgrades up to enterprise level. Likewise, mobile applications are available to them. Various features in the cameras such as PoE, wireless, optical and / or digital zoom, Variosfokus lenses, Speed Dome, motorized dome / PTZ, 4MP and night vision are available to you as a choice. The extensive selection of TRENDnet surveillance cameras enables you to implement complex customer requirements.

NVR surveillance systems

With TRENDnet's NVR monitoring system, you can easily manage your surveillance network within a single interface. TRENDnet's NVRs are designed to work seamlessly with TRENDnet IP cameras; Put the products together to the solution that meets your needs or that of your customers. Reduce energy consumption to save energy by eliminating the need for continuous operation of a computer with expensive camera management software. With TRENDnet NVRs, you can easily store large amounts of recordings from multiple cameras.

Robust industrial network hardware

Hardened switches and fiber optic solutions

TRENDnet's family of industrial switches and fiber solutions offers reliable and hardened networking solutions for extreme and harsh industrial conditions. TRENDnet's industrial networking products include IP30 (or IP40) rated metal enclosures and industrial grade components designed to withstand large temperature variations in both hot and cold weather conditions, environmental buildup and shock and vibration, and protect against ESD, EMI and To provide overload.

TRENDnet industrial switch and fiber solutions are ideal for use with outdoor surveillance cameras. Outdoor surveillance systems require additional features compared to indoor solutions to consistently withstand temperature and weather variations.

In particular, TRENDnet's industrial solutions are ideal for areas where temperature and weather can vary widely within the same day, week or month. Once you set up your surveillance systems, it is very unlikely that you would like to replace the hardware every time the weather changes.

Like standard network switches, industrial switches are available in various versions with different functions to best suit your needs. TRENDnet offers standard non-PoE switches as well as PoE, PoE + and UPoE switches as well as managed and unmanaged switches.


With 60 watts of power, the Ultra PoE category delivers twice as much power as the current IEEE 802.3at standard and is better suited to meet the high performance demands of today's network devices. With a much higher performance capacity, TRENDnet's Ultra PoE product line offers uninterrupted service and network connectivity, especially for critical networking applications.

TRENDnet's TI-UPG62 Model 6-Port Hardened Industrial Gigabit Ultra-PoE DIN Rail Switch has a high-performance capacity with 240W PoE total power, enough power for even the most demanding network and monitoring applications. This UPoE industrial unmanaged switch has four Ultra PoE ports and two dedicated SFP slots for long distance fiber-optic networking (without reducing port density).

Variable voltage

Variable voltage allows the use of 12V and 24V low voltage power supplies, as found today in most industrial applications, instead of the usual 48V required for most PoE power supplies. Variable voltage allows installers and integrators more flexibility for installations and applications.

TRENDnet's TI-PG62B 6-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE + DIN Rail Switch 12-56V features four Gigabit PoE + ports and two dedicated SFP slots with a total PoE + performance of 60-120W. Fault tolerance is ensured by the dual redundant 12-56VDC power supply with an output alarm relay triggered in the event of power failure / failure of the primary and / or redundant power supply.

Fiber Optic Converters & SFP Modules

Fiber optic links are ideal for long distance network applications, while adding an extra layer of protection to your network. Fiber optic links do not emit signals and are therefore extremely difficult to hear compared to copper Ethernet cables.

Glass fiber is also ideal for industrial environments with strong electromagnetic interference (EMI). Fiber is insensitive to EMI and radio interference (RFI). Signal loss is minimal because fiber optic signals are light and there is no crosstalk or impedance issues.

TRENDnet's cost-effective fiber-optic networking solutions enable businesses of all sizes to take advantage of these benefits. TRENDnet's fiber optic converters deliver power to PoE, PoE +, and / or UPoE compliant devices such as IP cameras, VoIP, phones, and wireless access points while simultaneously converting fiber to copper Ethernet. TRENDnet offers a wide range of industrial fiber optic converters, including a multimodal SC fiber optic converter, a single mode SC fiber optic converter, and many more.

SFP modules (or mini GBICs) are designed to provide fiber over your network switch. Look for industrial switches that have SFP ports, such as the TRENDnet 6-Port Hardened Industrial Gigabit Ultra PoE DIN rail switch, TI-UPG62 model, or the 12-port hardened industrial Gigabit PoE + Layer 2+ managed DIN -Rail Switch, Model TI-PG1284i.

Most TRENDnet industrial switches have at least one fiber-optic SFP port. TRENDnet's industrial switches offer either dedicated SFP slots or split SFP slots. For switches that share ports, only one function can be used at a time.

Power supply

Unlike standard network switches, industrial switches typically do not have a power supply. There are some industrial switches that have power built in, but since each job can have different power requirements, you need to buy a power supply that best suits your needs.

Some applications operate industrial switches via a 12V battery, and some industrial applications use only 12V power. In addition, many DIN rail applications already have a power supply. Because power requirements vary, and to minimize overall hardware costs, TRENDnet's industrial switches and their required power supplies are sold separately.

NEMA control box

Industrial switches and their power supplies are often used with a vented NEMA power box for outdoor and moisture protection applications. These NEMA control boxes can be customized and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your particular industrial application.

There are several types of NEMA cabinets, and each cabinet type has been designed to fit a specific weather pattern or environment. Standards for NEMA cabinets are defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association of North America, which regulates the various classes of electrical cabinets and enclosures.

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