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UBIQUITI NETWORKS UniFi Enterprise WiFi System UAP

UniFi Enterprise WiFi System UAP – EnterpriseAP, UniFi (UBNT)

UniFi is a revolutionary WiFi system that includes performance, unlimited scalability and a virtual management controller.

Saves money. Saves time.

Unlike traditional enterprise systems using hardware WiFi switches, Unifi uses a virtual client / server application that does not incur additional hardware and costs.

Intuitive Software

Installation, configuration and management of all your Unifi Wireless Access Points are done through the simple user interface.

Powerful Hardware

UniFi access points with the latest WiFi 802.11n / MIMO technology - provides 300 Mbps or 1300 Mbps speed at up to 150 m range. The Long Range variant even up to 183 m.


Unlimited scalability. Build your wireless network as small or as big as you like. Start with one, expand it by thousands.

Packed with features

After the UniFi Server is installed on a PC or MAC, the UniFi Controller can be accessed via any device with a web browser. The UniFi Controller allows the operator to instantly provision thousands of UniFi APs, search networks, quickly manage system traffic, and deploy more to individual UniFi AP devices.

300 Mbps speed, 150 m range

The UniFi AP uses a simple industrial design that fits seamlessly into typical environments. The APs offer the latest WiFi 802.11n MIMO technology. Everything needed for wall or ceiling mounting is included. The POE functionality is also included, this allows the data and electricity transport via a single Ethernet cable.


TOUGHSwitch PoE PRO is a 150 watt gigabit switch. The output voltage is controlled by the software and can be operated with 24 V and 48 V devices.


TOUGHSwitch PoE provides reliable, fast 10/100/1000 Mbps connectivity to connected UBIQUITI NETWORKS devices and other devices that support passive PoE. To connect your POE devices, simply enable POE in the user-friendly configuration interfaces. Each port can be configured individually.

Simplify your deployment

TOUGHSwitch PoE allows network architects to design wiser and less cluttered installations. TOUGHSwitch PoE installations increase efficiency and reduce potential sources of error - resulting in faster installation and less maintenance.

Advanced features

TOUGHSwitch PoE comes with a host of advanced features:

  • Port monitoring
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) / Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • Ping Watchdog
  • Configurable alerts

Intuitive configuration interface

TOUGHSwitch PoE offers a user-friendly and efficient device setup and control. A virtual view provides port information such as connection status, speed and POE status.

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