As the LED lighting technology began to assert itself over a wide area, we, the SECOMP, made us clear that this is a product field in which we want to establish ourselves as a strong dealer.

But here, too, we remain true to our line and our promise to our customers and only include high quality products from selected brands in our product range.

One of these brands in the field of LED lighting technology is V-TAC.

V-TAC is known as a price-aggressive, but high-quality brand in the field of LEDs. In particular, the V-TAC series of panels, tubes and floodlights powered by Samsung LED chips are highly efficient and extremely durable at the same time.

The products are available in different sizes, light colors (Kelvin) and luminous fluxes (lumens). Thanks to their modern and flat design, the products are ideal for use in offices, conference halls, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals.