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VIVOTEK INC. (TAIEX: 3454), founded in 2000, quickly gained a place as a leading brand in the security industry.

Renowned for world-class IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK products are future-proof and highly reliable. They enable the transition from traditional analog video surveillance to full digital surveillance.

The wide product range consists of network cameras, video servers, network video recorders and management systems.

VIVOTEK Hardware

VIVOTEK products are ideal for installation in banks, petrol stations, city surveillance, hotels, transport companies, retail or wholesale, and many other industries.

The network cameras, often called IP cameras, bring digital image signals directly or on demand into digital networks, making them ideal for all security-related tasks.

Highlights in the product range of the market leader VIVOTEK are the dome-shaped cameras, which, for example, can be perfectly used outdoors as security cameras. Construction and material properties of these cameras are safe from vandalism and absolutely weatherproof. Swiveling ranges of up to 350 degrees and tilting ranges of up to 85 degrees mean that different areas can be easily monitored at will. Pictures in full color - during the day and at night - are another highlight. A fixed focal length ensures a very good resolution of the image material and delivers brilliantly displayed image.

VIVOTEK Software

As a complement to high-quality hardware, VIVOTEK offers all sorts of helpful software for professional use of the devices:


VIVOTEK VAST is professional video / centralized management software with many intuitive features that can control and manage all VIVOTEK IP surveillance products. It supports hundreds of cameras and subunits in a hieratic structure. Viewing, recording, playback and event / user management are simple and user-friendly.

VAST leverages the power of VIVOTEK network cameras for a variety of solutions, including seamless recording, panoramic PTZ, and video analytics metadata integration.

With a complete server and client structure, VAST supports remote administration and creates robust systems for versatile applications, e.g. in retail, for apartments and in industry.


iViewer is VIVOTEK's mobile app with a user-friendly interface that allows users to view live images from hundreds of cameras - managed by VAST ST7501 or VAST NVR.

iViewer can connect directly to individual cameras and helps add devices via IP address or IP Finder. IViewer supports device management, two-way audio, PTZ and standard controls, digital zoom, fisheye equalization, snapshot functions.

With iViewer you can also record VIVOTEK VAST ST7501 and NVRs.

In order to deliver ever greater capabilities in License Plate Recognition, VIVOTEK has cooperated with LPR software developed by global partners to capture license plate images for LPR applications. A variety of options for VIVOTEK cameras provide the user the optimal and most suitable camera for their LPR or traffic monitoring purposes. Ideal applications include access control, red light enforcement, surveillance and security, traffic monitoring, tolling system and free-flow uses.

VIVOTEK Environmental Management

In the face of the growing challenges of our time in environmental protection, VIVOTEK is fully aware of the responsibility for coexistence with the environment and sustainable development.

VIVOTEK has therefore introduced a comprehensive, environmentally friendly production policy. This covers product design, component selection, production, quality control, packaging and shipping. The climate balance is thus effectively improved in terms of environmental protection.

VIVOTEK Quality Certificates

  • ISO 14001 (Certification since 2005)
  • TL 9000 (Certification since 2005)
  • WEEE (since 2006)
  • RoHS (since 2006)
  • IECQ HSPM (QC 080000 since 208)

VIVOTEK guidelines on ecological design

  • Abandonment of environmentally hazardous substances (HSE)
  • Easy disassembly and easy recycling (WEEE)
  • Ecodesign (EuP)

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